Deborah Bowmann

Shop display in black and blue

realized by Amaury Daurel

Showcased in Blue curtains, Black Coffee

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About the artist and the work

Amaury Daurel is a French artist. He is the one-half of Deborah Bowmann. 

His works gathers sculptures and photographs related to orgazational and functionalist contexts. Amaury Daurel develops strategies of appropriation through duplicating, reconsidering and producing variations of objects. The system of works the artist generates is led by ideas of narration and turnaround, the viewer’s point of view being understood and played with as a medium in itself.

Amaury Daurel graduated from the Fine Art School of Bordeaux and from the Glasgow School of Art both with honors.

Materials wood, aluminium, lacquer, marble
Size 135 x 75 x 165 cm