Deborah Bowmann
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realized by Clémence Seilles

showcased in the exhibition Blue Curtains, Black Coffee

12 editions only – delivered with unique certificate of authenticity signed by the artist(s) and Deborah Bowmann

400,00 € tax incl.

About the artist and the work

Clemence Seilles is an artist who produces real life situations as fantastics through objects, performances, films and forms of self-build busyness. Clemence works from real-life scenarios and sometimes science fiction novels she writes to guide attitudes and perspectives in her installations and interior design. A collaborative approach is characteristic of Clemence’s protocol. She often sees herself as a producer.

She studied product design in Reims (ESAD) and London (RCA). She lived in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Mexico City. Clemence now maintains this international network from Amsterdam.Clemence’s work has been exhibited in France, England, Italy, Germany and the United States. She is co-founder of the Art Department of Dirty Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam in 2011. Clemence takes part in 2014 in the creation of SANKS label, a producer and collaborative platform to design objects whose authors are the owners.

Materials concrete, styrofoam, bricks (sold in their moult)
Size 50x28x22cm