Deborah Bowmann
Still life with open and closed forms View larger

Still life with open and closed forms

realized by Margaux Schwarz

showcased in the exhibition Les fausses dents du prince at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

1 edition only – delivered with unique certificate of authenticity signed by the artist(s) and Deborah Bowmann

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About the artist and the work

Margaux Schwarz (born in 1986 in Paris, lives and works in Brussels)

Through sculpture, video and text Margaux Schwarz works on the relationships between individuals and groups, intimate and public. She is interested, almost in a sociologic or anthropological way, into how different types of languages can coexist, into how each expresses himself, act and react to deal with the world. Working through the field of abstraction material, documentary and fiction, she aims to create a dialogue in which these different types of representation combine. This conversational practice brings her to create open, sealed, moving, still or even wearable forms that are always questioning the right distance between one another, the inside and the outside. Margaux Schwarz took part to many international exhibitions such as Le Rayon Vert at Hôtel Van de Velde, Brussels, Jeune Création 2014 at 104, Paris and Youth at Maison Particulière, Brussels.

Materials beeswax, three resin pigments, linseed oil
Size 60x80x10