Deborah Bowmann
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Arbre à chat n°3

realized by Laurent Le Deunff

showcased in the exhibition L'homme nu

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About the artist and the work

Laurent Le Deunff  (France, lives and works in Bordeaux) works principally with materials drawn from the world of nature. His favoured medium is wood, in which he has produced sculptures so perfectly finished that in certain cases they fall somewhere between art objects, manufactured goods and hand crafted works. His work is inspired to a great extent by subjects associated with nature (campfires, animals, tents, caves), which remains the principal theme of his artistic research as opposed to the proliferation of forms and materials emerging from our post-industrial society. The accessibility of Laurent Le Deunff's work however, conceals the aesthetic issues at the heart of his sculpture and it would be a great mistake to see them as simply popular themes that have been reworked to current tastes. On the contrary, reading his work is a much more complex matter. The subjects of the artist's work and the techniques he has developed - essentially straight carving but also modelling (both used throughout the history of sculpture).

Materials various tree species