Deborah Bowmann
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realized by Dieudonné Cartier & Jean-Baptiste Carobolante

showcased in the exhibition The Office of Gravitational Documents #Neptune

1 edition only – delivered with unique certificate of authenticity signed by the artist(s) and Deborah Bowmann

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About the artist and the work

Dieudonné Cartier (lives and works in Brussels) explores the various systems of production, reproduction and distribution of artworks through edition, multiple and installation combined with notions of archive and publication. The artist proposes to reinterpret the means of apparition and to modify the status of these notions. In 2014, he initiated the project The Office of Gravitational Documents. In the form of a research office, this apparatus aims to gather elements as an archive of creation processes and protocols.

Jean-Baptiste Carobolante (lives and works in Brussels) is both theoretician and artist. His thinking focuses on the crisis of the representation in the modernity, taking shapes such as home-made liquors, photographic projects or critical texts. He is currently working on an book merging a literature essay on movie-maker Werner Herzog to an array of elements and images from Amazon and Transylvania. Since 2015 Carobolante is undertaking a thesis in images philosophy directed by French philosoph Fabien Vallos and critic Philippe Ortoli. 

Materials wooden frame, tinted plaster, rings, text and documents
Size 66x45cm
Year of realisation 2017