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  • After Howl

    Started in 2013 as a sculpture collective at Erg, After Howl is currently working in its new Studio in Brussels, ever recycling its own imagery, turning its sculptures into furniture, its living spaces into exhibitions, its archives into stories, its late-night talks into records. After Howl took part in different international exhibitions such as the art fair Alt-cph, Copenhagen, 2015, Year 13 at Komplot, Brussels, Trouble Academy at CAB, Grenoble.

    After Howl is composed of artists François Bousquet, Arthur Calloud, Miguel Gonçalves, Sébastien Herickx, Rémi Lambert, Guillaume Lambot, Rémy Tith, Marie Sardin.

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  • Alix Brandenbourger

    (lives and works in Brussels)

    Alix Brandenbouger is a belgian fashion designer. She is currently finishing her masters degree at La Cambre MODE(s) Bruxelles. She focuses on singular pieces that can be worn by either gender, often inspired by iconic ready to wear basics. Small construction details often become the focal point of the entire garment and therefore influence the final design outcome.

  • Amaury Daurel

    Amaury Daurel is a French artist. He is the one-half of Deborah Bowmann. 

    His works gathers sculptures and photographs related to orgazational and functionalist contexts. Amaury Daurel develops strategies of appropriation through duplicating, reconsidering and producing variations of objects. The system of works the artist generates is led by ideas of narration and turnaround, the viewer’s point of view being understood and played with as a medium in itself.

    Amaury Daurel graduated from the Fine Art School of Bordeaux and from the Glasgow School of Art both with honors.

  • Clémence Seilles

    Clemence Seilles is an artist who produces real life situations as fantastics through objects, performances, films and forms of self-build busyness. Clemence works from real-life scenarios and sometimes science fiction novels she writes to guide attitudes and perspectives in her installations and interior design. A collaborative approach is characteristic of Clemence’s protocol. She often sees herself as a producer.

    She studied product design in Reims (ESAD) and London (RCA). She lived in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Mexico City. Clemence now maintains this international network from Amsterdam.Clemence’s work has been exhibited in France, England, Italy, Germany and the United States. She is co-founder of the Art Department of Dirty Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam in 2011. Clemence takes part in 2014 in the creation of SANKS label, a producer and collaborative platform to design objects whose authors are the owners.

  • Cyril Debon

    Cyril Debon (born in 1987 in Bordeaux, lives and works in Paris)

    Candid, Cyril Debon seems to look for a superficial learning of pleasures (which arouses covetousness, love desires, the sensual lust) in such an innocent way that it would almost become touching.
    Cyril Debon took part to different international exhibitions such as Curieuses Nocturnes at Musée d'Orsay, 2016, Paris, to the Mulhouse Bienniale, 2015, and You’re beautiful when you don’t talk at l'Hotel du Pavillon, 2014, Bordeaux.

  • Daniel Dewar et Gregory Gicquel

    Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel (respectively born in1976 in Forrest of Dean, GB and in 1975 in St Brieux, FR, live and work between Brussels and Paris)

    From tapestry to granite carving, from wooden sculpture to ceramic works, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel vocabulary combines genres in a playful – but yet erudite – immoderation. They multiply references to popular culture in an assertive manner, putting at risk aesthetic canons and the surrounding high taste while creating a dialogue with a more traditional history of sculpture, from its ancestral origins to the post-industrial era. The patterns they decline borrow as much to the medieval recumbent statue as to forms of abstraction developed by artists during the second half of the twentieth century. Their work has been shown worldwide in numerous museums and artfairs, including Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California, USA, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Yokohama Museum of Art, Japon... In 2012 they received the Marcel Duchamp Price. They are represented by Loevenbruck in Paris, Micheline Szwajcer in Brussels and Truth and Consequences in Geneva.

  • Deborah Bowmann©

    Deborah Bowmann Studio© is the creation department of Deborah Bowmann producing shop displays and furniture. 

    Deborah Bowmann Studio is also designed for professionals and privates that are seeking for innovative and cutting edge set design adapted to their need.
    Every work is designed and produced in Deborah Bowmann's studio in Brussels by their team composed of trained sculptors. Deborah Bowmann Studio© is initiated by artists Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre.

  • Dieudonné Cartier & Jean-Baptiste Carobolante

    Dieudonné Cartier (lives and works in Brussels) explores the various systems of production, reproduction and distribution of artworks through edition, multiple and installation combined with notions of archive and publication. The artist proposes to reinterpret the means of apparition and to modify the status of these notions. In 2014, he initiated the project The Office of Gravitational Documents. In the form of a research office, this apparatus aims to gather elements as an archive of creation processes and protocols.

    Jean-Baptiste Carobolante (lives and works in Brussels) is both theoretician and artist. His thinking focuses on the crisis of the representation in the modernity, taking shapes such as home-made liquors, photographic projects or critical texts. He is currently working on an book merging a literature essay on movie-maker Werner Herzog to an array of elements and images from Amazon and Transylvania. Since 2015 Carobolante is undertaking a thesis in images philosophy directed by French philosoph Fabien Vallos and critic Philippe Ortoli. 

  • Éditions 5vs5

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  • Elise van Mourik

    Elise van Mourik (Nyon, 1988) is a Dutch artist currently working in Brussels. Her work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions and as part of public performance programs throughout Europe including Centre Pompidou (Paris), P/////AKT (Amsterdam), KASK (Gent), Impakt (Utrecht), Hekla (Brussels), Enterprise Projects (Athens), Gallery Stigter van Doesburg (Amsterdam), Association Jeudi (Geneva), Marion de Canniere (Antwerp), 1m3 (Lausanne), Club Wanderlust (Paris), and The New Institute (Rotterdam). Since 2013, She has been teaching at the Studio for Immediate Spaces, Master’s of Interior Architecture at the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. She is also a co-founder and co-director of Parking Club together with designer Laure Jaffuel, an initiative that produces work through events, set designs and collaborations with designers, architects, artists, music producers and filmmakers

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  • Émilie Ferrat

    Émilie Ferrat is an independent graphic designer, recently graduated from the graphic design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. She has been working for Åbäke and Hato Press, London. She is making posters, catalogues and visual material for Deborah Bowmann.

    Émilie Ferrat is born Paris in 1992. She is currently living in Amsterdam.

  • Fabien Vallos

    Fabien Vallos is Doctor of the University of Paris IV Sorbonne

    he teaches Philosophy at the  l'École Normale Supérieure de la Photographie d'Arles, and at the l'École supérieure d'art d'Angers (esba talm), Director of the Research Centre Art & Image ( CRAI ) of Ensp Arles .

    He is also director of Mix editions.

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  • habitdenous©

    habitdenous© is a project presented by the duo Theo Demans and Thomas Ballouhey based on textile design collaborating with many artists and designers.

  • Hector Latrille

    Hector Latrille (born in 1991 in Bordeaux, lives and works in Brussels)

    Hector Latrille is a 25 years old French writer and musician. After he collaborated with artit Cyril Debon in 2014 and Fabien, Brussels, Deborah Bowmann Gallery invited him to present an unpublished and specific text for the present exhibition 'Les fausses dents du prince'. Using a direct and rhythmic style, he plunges his readers into bitter atmospheres, in which one's can never really explain the smile they cause. He mainly writes short stories and poems.

  • Horrible Bise

     Horrible Bise is a rock band that does not play music but rather plays materials, that does not play gigs but instead plays compositions. Between performance and sculpture, Horrible Bise operates as a meeting point for the cult of attitude and imagery specific to rock culture and the world of contemporary art. For the majority of their installations, the band produces sculptures in order to ‘pose’ on them, which, as accessories, act as pedestals for the three artists. They are forms of glory, shapes or situations understood as supports that allow the band to assert their attitude and celebrity. Thus, the compositions that the trio produces rarely function in isolation, but rather are activated through the specific context of each project. At Deborah Bowmann gallery, however, for the first time, the band has decided to withdraw from the stage.

  • Jean-Baptiste Carobolante

    Jean-Baptiste Carobolante (1988, lives and works in Brussels) is both theoretician and artist. His thinking focuses on the crisis of the representation in the modernity, taking shapes such as home-made liquors, photographic projects or critical texts. He is currently working on an book merging a literature essay on movie-maker Werner Herzog to an array of elements and images from Amazon and Transylvania. Since 2015 Carobolante is undertaking a thesis in images philosophy directed by French philosoph Fabien Vallos and critic Philippe Ortoli. 

  • Jeanne Magnenat

    Jeanne Magnenat (Geneva in 1992) Lives and works in Amsterdam (NL). She is graduated in Fine Arts, Ceramic department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL). 

    Jeanne's work is mainly based on ceramic and results of multiple experimentations of clay recipes that are most the work of a chemist than a potter. Her work has been presented in particular in Geneva, Amsterdam, Schiermonnikoog. 

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  • Kim David Bots

    Kim David Bots (Amsterdam, 1988) is a Dutch artist currently working in The Hague. He works in various media, including painting, drawing, and collage, as well as sculpture and audio. His work has been recently exhibited at Marres (Maastricht), De Bond (Bruges), Billytown (The Hague), Gallery Mieke van Schaijk (Den Bosch) and De Schans (Amsterdam). He was recently in residence at Wiels in Brussels and has been teaching at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) since 2015.

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  • Laure Jaffuel

    Laure Jaffuel (FR,1987) is a french designer living and working in Amsterdam and Paris. Interested in the context where her work finds itself, she emphasizes on the design and the construction of situations surrounding her objects. She produces spaces, events, situations, sound pieces, objects, parties, scenographies, where diverse disciples merge to celebrate the productive energy of the group, engaging a dialogue with other artists, designers, musicians. She is the co-founder of Parking Club, collaborative practice between art and design with Elise van Mourik, and of Take Me On Podcast Series, a sound platform with Leila Arenou and Oona Linke.

  • Laurent Le Deunff

    Laurent Le Deunff  (France, lives and works in Bordeaux) works principally with materials drawn from the world of nature. His favoured medium is wood, in which he has produced sculptures so perfectly finished that in certain cases they fall somewhere between art objects, manufactured goods and hand crafted works. His work is inspired to a great extent by subjects associated with nature (campfires, animals, tents, caves), which remains the principal theme of his artistic research as opposed to the proliferation of forms and materials emerging from our post-industrial society. The accessibility of Laurent Le Deunff's work however, conceals the aesthetic issues at the heart of his sculpture and it would be a great mistake to see them as simply popular themes that have been reworked to current tastes. On the contrary, reading his work is a much more complex matter. The subjects of the artist's work and the techniques he has developed - essentially straight carving but also modelling (both used throughout the history of sculpture).

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